• DUBAI – The most beautiful helipad in the world

    The most beautiful helipad in the world : play tennis over the clouds?

    It soars to a height of 300m above sea level on the most beautiful building in Dubai. Design inspired by the legendary Star Trek … And she inspired the creation of the most original commercials modernity … helipad, designed by young 24x-old girl architect. I have not even dreamed of visiting here, but never have to guess … Agassi and Federer played a lot here in the 2005th. then played golf and cars advertised … And here I am, in the picturesque location where the entire Dubai in your hand! Go upstairs?

     Rebecca Gernon arrived in Dubai in the mid-90s right after architecture school and a year of work in the company Atkins joined the team of architects working on the project Burj Al Arab hotel – the most beautiful and the most famous buildings in Dubai. Actually, and this is exactly the goal was – to create an unmatched legend of our time.
    In addition to Rebecca’s squad consisted of three architect-Englishman managed the Tom Wright. This was the first work of Rebecca in the international project, and even such a high level. Tom delegated Rebecca creation helipad, having spent the night before the presentation of the project, she has not been able to draw a perfect, having tried dozens of ideas – it’s not like that. And now, long after midnight it on a sheet of paper draw the outline ship Starship Enterprise from the TV series Star Trek, doing it as a joke, and goes home. The next morning, Tom discovers Rebecca’s drawing on a table and the presentation of the team reports that “here it is – a helipad, it is unbelievable, is not it?”


    At the entrance to a small waiting room, where the team expects employees with napkins, champagne, fruit and other attributes of a rich life:



    Absolutely fantastic feeling at the top, no matter what the observation deck I have not felt anything like it.Freedom of 360 degrees and the air around the sea somewhere far below, Dubai’s palm!

















    Next unusual idea will be implemented very soon, in 2013om. What will it be? Still a secret :)
    Go upstairs? Hall lifts to the top 27th level of the building, it is almost 300m above sea level:



    This moment instantly vyvodet it into the category of successful and well-known architect and designer in 2,001th Rebecca opens in Dubai his own company that specializes in interior design. Hundreds of orders are not forced to wait.
    Helipad is an interesting and unusual locations for the implementation of advertising ideas. Federer and Agassi play tennis here:





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