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Ever felt like going to another country and backing out because the thought of going through all that work to arrange it was just too much. Not to mention, worrying if there will be halaal food available at your destination? Well stress no more. Our goal is to take away the stress from muslims looking to travel. From among other services, we offer as a portal for you to book your flights, accommodation, car rental and even check where the nearest halaal restaurant is from your hotel. We also offer a range of islamic education material for the muslim wanting to learn the ins and outs of hajj and umrah and the history of it. We also have a blog spot where you can learn about different countries of the world as well as invaluable tips for the new traveler. Before travelling anywhere, you should always check the news on the political state in the country. Our Newsroom can help with that as well.  This is but a few of the many services we have to offer. There’s something for everyone at TravelIslam. So why not look around and see for yourself.


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